When I tried to complete the certification steps, I received an error "At this time, we do not have a record of you passing a TOGAF exam."

Sometimes we find that a browser may be caching stale credentials, so we recommend to quit the browser completely or try an alternate browser.

If you need to reset your login password you can do so at:

** Please ensure you log out of the certification system (we recommend to quit the browser) and then re-login at https://togaf9-cert.opengroup.org to refresh the credentials. **

Then complete the steps to become certified:

Click on "Complete Certification"
Verify your Personal Details
Accept Trademark License Agreement
Option to Join/Opt out of AEA Membership
Select "Directory Settings Option"
Click "Complete Certification"

Once you have completed this you can visit your Resource Center and download your logos, update your contact details, and download your certificate.

Also see the Frequently Asked Questions file at http://www.opengroup.org/certifications/faqs

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