Why is there no TOGAF 10 Foundation or TOGAF 10 Practitioner?

An explicit decision has been made to decouple the naming of the certifications based on the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition from the standard itself. This is due to the broad nature of the standard, which now comprises multiple documents, and also allows the standard to evolve independently of the certification program.

Since the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition covers a broad range of topics, this would mean that a general foundation or practitioner certification would have very shallow coverage. Instead, a number of learning paths and certifications based on a set of learning outcomes drawn from the standard for specific skillsets and competencies have been defined, for example for the TOGAF Enterprise Architect , and the TOGAF Business Architect. As well as multi-day learning paths leading to certification, a number of smaller chunks of learning (3 hours upwards) are available in the form certification credentials covering a number of specialisms.

The contents of the certification portfolio based on the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition include:

TOGAF Certifications 

  • TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation 
  • TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioner 
  • TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation 

TOGAF Certification Credentials 

  • Integrating Risk and Security in a TOGAF Enterprise Architecture 
  • TOGAF Framework: Digital Specialist 
  • TOGAF Framework: Agile Specialist 
  • TOGAF EA Leader 


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